Saturday, April 24, 2010

Peanut Butter to the Rescue!!! How to Get Gum Out of Your Hair

Man, I wish I would have known about this in 1st grade, it would have saved me a trip to the barber and the humiliation of my flowing locks being turned into an ugly ass bowl cut :( OK, ok, I realize that I was the one that chewed up 2 packs of Hubba Bubba and put it in my hair but hey, I was 6! WikiHow really does have all the answers :-)

  1. Buy "smooth peanut butter". The more oil content in it, the better; usually 51g of fat per 100g of peanut butter. Do not buy those with "crunchy peanuts" as they have less oil content.
  2. Apply peanut butter over the area and mix it in with a toothbrush, as it is quicker and less messy than using fingers.
  3. Use the tooth brush to work the peanut butter in using long strokes down and outwards. If necessary, use a large spoon behind the affected hair to act as a firm base to brush the peanut butter on. If the gum is spread out, use more peanut butter. The whole idea is to dissolve the gum with the oil in the peanut butter.
  4. Use a dry towel to pull on the peanut butter which will come out with the gum. The less dried out the gum, the easier to get it out!
  5. Wash out the peanut butter with a good shampoo. Lather the shampoo in hair well before rinsing it off.
  6. Throw out the tooth brush and the soiled tea towel, or wash the tea towel.